The Qodesh has home cell bible study meetings called Bussells.

A bussell is a bible study group of not more than 10 members of the church. The meeting takes place in one member’s house. It is usually for one hour and is lead by people we call bussell shepherds.

A number of Bussells in a particular area is grouped under a zone. Currently the Qodesh has 722 bussells which have been grouped into 87 zones.

A bussell is basically the church brought to your door step. There is always a bussell near your house so you don’t have to travel to be part of one. When you join a bussell, you will have the advantage of being in a small group where you can ask all your questions, you will have a pastor who knows you personally and who will pray with you and help you grow in the Lord. The benefit of having sweet fellowship with other members of the church cannot be over emphasized.

Join a bussell today and you are bound for a prosperous Christian life.

For more information please call:

+233 307 01 04 44

+233 261 60 29 54